Family photoshoot with newborn baby

Family photoshoot with newborn baby

19 Apr 2022

     "Is it too late for Newborn photography if my baby is older than two weeks?" - This question I can hear quite often.

There are many reasons why families may missed early newborn session: spend longer time at hospital do to heals issues of baby of mum, baby can born prematurely, they didn't have a time to arrange photoshoot before baby born, religious beliefs,...

Many photographers prefer to shoot newborn babies in two weeks( ten days) window. Firstly, babies used to sleep all the time during the session. They loved to be in a feral position and they feel comfortable in newborn photography poses.

After two weeks babies start loving more stretch poses, uncurled and they typically spend a long period awake and they getting bigger.

However, it's possible to create beautiful and timeless photos with older newborn babies. And many photographers (including myself) suggest this option. 

With older newborn session it may not be possible to achieve same newborn poses that with younger babies, gallery may include more images with awake baby, also if baby is unsettled most photos will be with wrapped poses and may require to spend more time for the shoot.