Family photoshoot with newborn baby - Brisbane

Family photoshoot with newborn baby - Brisbane

All babies are very different. But also after 2 weeks old most of babies sleep less. 

This baby boy was only 3 weeks old and to be able to capture images when he is sleeping extended shooting time was required. 

Most photographers used to shoot newborn babies only within 2 weeks old ( 7-10 days ), not because after 2 weeks it's impossible to get beautiful images with cute curled poses, bu t because it takes much more time and it's much harder. 

But at the same time as older baby as more photos will be when he is following parents attantion. 

Planing your newborn session consider time under 6 weeks. 2, 3, 4, 5 months are also amazing time for baby  photoshoot, but it's already not a newborn session, it's Baby Milestone photography.

We are looking forward to your baby and your family at any age for photoshoot.